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A Pastor's Addiction

Posted by Jeremy Schossau on

I’m addicted. I have been for years. It’s hurt me. It’s hurt my family. 

I never meant for it to hurt them, but looking back, I’ve come to realize it’s done more damage than I care to admit. It has almost broken me, I mean, really broken me&hellip...

Still Worth It

Posted by Jeremy Schossau on

I recently read a little article called 11 Pains of Being a Pastor.  It sort of hit me hard.  It hit me as in, ‘this is really true’.  I’m going to give you the entire list because I’ve lived each one of these. When I read them I felt the hurt and sadness...

Dreams and Excuses

Posted by Jeremy Schossau on

Let’s be honest… you and I, we’ll probably never be the best at anything. Some people never try to be the best or even really good at something. Some people just don’t care. But I care. Some people seem to just be satisfied with average. Even less than average. Some...

Moment Living

Posted by Jeremy Schossau on

It always strikes me with mixed emotions when I hear people say, ‘Just live for the moment.’ I agree.  We should live ‘IN THE MOMENT’.  I know I have trouble with that.  Being THERE when I’m there.  The stupid cell phone seems to call my name...

My World is Spinning


Posted by Jeremy Schossau on

That’s the way I feel right now.  My world is spinning out of control.  Not the kind that is unmanageable or sinful, it’s just that change does that.  It makes my world spin. Everyone deals with change. Coping with change is hard. Your elderly mother is put into a...

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