Modern. Relevant. Different.

We want to be straight up with you. We exist to turn people - ALL PEOPLE - white people, black people, rich and poor, young and old, gay or straight, married and single, even left handed people into fully devoted followers of Jesus. We know that sounds crazy to some of you, but we think that when people see who Jesus really is in a way that is culturally relevant, they will be drawn into a deep and personal relationship with Him.

So think about it…

Wouldn’t it be great if church were a place where you could come as you are, baggage and all?  A place where you could explore issues of faith without guilt or pressure?  A place where you could connect in meaningful relationships?  A place where you could find hope, purpose and direction for your life? 

Metro is that place.

Metro is designed for individuals and families who like life with a little more spice. This isn’t your grandma’s church*.  We like to say it’s more about attitude than age.  We love creativity.  We like our music modern and a bit loud and we don’t want a church that’s boring, irrelevant and leaves us feeling as empty as when we came in.  We want a place where we can experience God!  A place that moves our minds and hearts, our intellect and emotions. 

Metro is that place.

Metro is all about ‘Doing Life with God… Together. Metro is serious about knowing God. We want to know what He is really like. We want His leadership for doing life. We want to experience fully what He has FOR us and we want to live out fully what He wants FROM us. And we want to do all this in a community that is irrevocably committed to one another. 

That’s what makes Metro not church as usual.

In short, we’re doing all we can to be the same kind of church described in the New Testament. Through creative and practical teaching, powerful times of worship through music and creative arts, authentic relationships, and a heart for those in need of the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, we want to make a positive and lasting impact on the world around us.

If you are still just checking out this “church thing” and investigating the claims of Jesus Christ, thank you for allowing us to help you along the way. If you are a committed Christ-follower who is looking for a place to mature in your faith as you serve others, you will find that Metro will allow you to do both. Our prayer is that no matter where you are on your journey you’ll feel right at home here at Metro…a community of 

Metro is not your grandma’s church unless your grandma likes life with some serious KICK!

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