Common Questions

It’s common and expected that you will have questions about any organization that you are interested in. It is no different with a church. In fact, you’ll probably even have more! So, we tried to collect the most commonly asked questions about life at Metro. We hope that these prove helpful to you in your search for God and for a church to call home. They are not listed in any order.


 What will the service be like?

Probably different than you would expect.  Metro uses modern ways to communicate the ancient truths of the Bible.  You’ll see and hear things like creative video, live drama, modern music and passionate and relevant Biblical teaching.  Check out the WHAT TO EXPECT and the MODERN RELEVANT DIFFERENT sections of our website.


What should I wear to Metro?

Casual clothes are the norm at Metro. For example, people are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable for them.  So, feel free to leave the suit and tie at home unless you like sporting THE THREADS!  Modesty is always important. Check out the WHAT TO EXPECT and the MODERN.RELEVANT.DIFFERENT. sections of our website.


How long are services?

The Weekend Experiences at Metro typically last about an hour and 15 minutes.


Will I be singled out in any way as a visitor?

At Metro, you’ll never be put on the spot or feel forced to give money. You don’t have to sign anything or register your attendance in any way (unless you place your child in our children’s ministry — and that’s only for your child’s security).  You are our guest and we respect you. Check out the WHAT TO EXPECT and the MODERN RELEVANT DIFFERENT sections of our website.

How can you be one church with two locations? How does that work?

Metro is truly ONE church with two campuses. We have one mission. One vision.  One staff. One Elder Team. One budget. One style and ONE GOD! We just have two locations for now with more to come we hope!

Here’s how it works… All of Metro Experiences carry the same ‘DNA’ and are nearly identical.  Each campus has a live band with shared musicians and worship leaders between the campuses playing similar songs.  Each campus has a children’s ministries sharing curriculum, methods, and leadership. Each campus has a BAXTER’S EATERY and THE JOURNEY STORE.  We share the Riverview Gym and Playscape.  Life Groups float between campuses as do our GENERATION MINISTRY!  And we share a common MESSAGE and TEACHING!

This is the most important thing to understand.  We think the MESSAGES and TEACHINGS hold us together.  They drive our church and we want all our campuses to share the Weekend Teachings.  One of our Pastors preach the message live on Saturdays at the Taylor Campus where it is recorded. Then on Sundays the weekend teaching Pastor will teach live at one of the campuses and the other will have the video. Sounds crazy, but trust us…it works great and you’ll love it.


What if I want to see LIVE PREACHING?

If you want live teaching, then generally you’ll need to attend the Saturday Experiences at the Taylor Campus. We are so grateful for our church’s flexibility and desire to reach more people through video.


Where do my kids go during the service?

Our children’s ministry, MetroKIDS, provides an exciting experience for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and grade schoolers through fifth grade. This allows you to get the most from your experience at Metro while your child has a fun time in a safe, friendly, kid-centered environment! Click here for more information about MetroKIDS


Do you have something for my teenager? 

Are you kidding?  Metro was birthed out of a youth ministry that Pastor Jeremy began back in the early 1990’s.  Metro literally has hundreds of students a week coming through our doors. We love teens and they love being here. If you have a teenager, they are invited to attend the service with you. In addition, there are student ministries specifically for them. 

We call our student ministries GENERATION CITY!.


Is Metro a Christian church?

Metro is a Non-Denomination Christian Church that seeks to communicate ancient Biblical truths in modern and relevant ways. Though non-traditional in style, Metro City Church is deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Christian faith. What makes Metro different than other more traditionally minded churches is our style.  It is our approach to church that catches people off guard. For many, that is a good thing. We hope that you’ll think so.


Is Metro City Church affiliated with any Denomination or larger ‘parenting’ or ‘governing’ body? 

No. Metro City is a completely autonomous self-governing Christian Church.  Metro is a modern expression of the Christian faith deeply rooted in the ancient Christian church faith and traditions found in the Holy Scriptures.


Why isn’t Metro affiliated with a larger governing body?  

We have found that in modern un-churched America people are not so concerned with denominations.  We felt from the very early stages that Metro needed to model itself as much as possible after the early church found in the book of Acts in the Bible. The early church seemed to concentrate on these essentials: 


  • Worship of the one true God who is Jesus Christ
  • Teaching of God’s Word in a relevant and transforming way
  • Deep friendship and commitment to one another within the body of Christ
  • Reaching those outsides of the family of God (commonly called Evangelism)
  • Developing a heart toward serving those within the body of Christ and those in the community at large


In no way does Metro discount or belittle our brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of traditional denominations. We have just never felt led of God to associate ourselves with other groups as of this point in our history. 


Does Metro City Church partner with other organizations? 

We have dear friends in other churches and we partner on occasions with these churches for various projects. We are active in the Willow Creek Association. They provide a sense of identity with an international movement of Christian Churches that desire to be more effective in reaching lost people and growing them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Who is the Senior Pastor?

A lot of people say, ‘That good looking young guy can’t be Metro’s Senior Pastor. Who really is? Yes, it’s true. Well, maybe not the good-looking part but Jeremy Schossau is our founding and Lead Pastor.


Does Metro have a governing body (Elders, Board of Directors, etc.) or does the Pastor call all the shots? 

Metro is a Staff/Management Led church. In other words, our pastors and staff (both paid and unpaid) lead the day in and day out operations and ministries of our church. The Staff Team is led by the Lead Pastor. They work directly for him and follow his leadership and direction. The Lead Pastor (and his team) has directional authority, creates budgets and is responsible for the fulfillment of Metro’s Mission.

But while we are a Staff Led Church the final authority ultimately rests in the hands of our Elders. The Elders are charged with the shepherding and care of the overall church and with the care, protection and authority over the Lead Pastor. 

The Elders' primary responsibility is to see to it that God’s Word is being accurately and effectually taught. They are to protect the mission, vision and values of Metro City Church. The Elders give final approval to the overall budget set by the Finance Team. They must approve the purchase of real property and the construction of facilities. The Elders have the responsibility to keep the Lead Pastor accountable for his actions, family life and teaching. In the event of moral failure or unethical leadership of the Lead Pastor the Elders have the responsibility, duty and authority to recommend the dismissal of the Lead Pastor by a confirmation vote of the Partners at Metro City Church.

The finances of Metro are overseen by the Finance Team.  They approve budgets, wages and large expenditures.  They set the procedures and policies for the collection, accounting, investing and spending of all monies at Metro City Church.  


Is Metro one of those ‘seeker sensitive’ churches?

No, we are not seeker sensitive…  We are seeker obsessed. And we think that is a good thing because that is what JESUS was all about.  Some people want to live their lives within the sound of church bells; not us. We are building our church 10 feet from the very gates of hell. We want to do all we can to be relevant, meaningful and compelling to those who are far from the heart of God without compromising one bit the Word of God. We are unashamedly fully devoted to Jesus Christ, His teachings and to the traditional values found in Scripture while being un-apologetic about being modern, relevant and different in our approach.


Why is the music so loud? 

Well, because we like it that way.  It is true that Metro is for those who like life with a bit more spice.  We like our music louder, fuller and done with excellence.  We believe excellence honors God and inspires people.  We know that many people love the style, presentation, attitude and spirit of our worship music but it's just a little loud for them…For those folks we recommend ear plugs and we provide them for FREE at The Connection Center.


But does it have to be that loud??? 

Yes. If you want it to sound great like any number of concerts that come through Detroit every year. 


Does Metro have a Sunday School Program?

No.  While in some faith communities the idea of Sunday School is still very effective, we have decided to invest our time, energy and resources into Life Groups.  Metro is being built around the idea of ‘Doing Life with God…TOGETHER.’  We think that best happens in the context of smaller gatherings of people (usually 8-15 adults) who desire to build meaningful and purposeful friendship as they mutually desire to deepen their walk with Christ.  See our Life Group section for details about Life Groups.

While we have no Sunday School we do have a very effective kids program. Click here to find out everything you need to know about MetroKIDS!


What does Metro ‘believe?’ 

See the CORE BELIEFS section on our website!


What version of the Bible do you use? 

Typically, our Pastors/Teachers use the New International Version, New Living Translation or the English Standard Version in their presentations and studies but they often utilize a variety of translations and paraphrases. We usually try to identify the translation when posting Bible verses on the screens.


What’s wrong with the King James Version?

Nothing…and while the KJV is a fine translation, we were not born in 1611, nor do we speak as if we were.  We don’t use the Russian Translation because we do not speak Russian.  We seek to use accurate, applicable and understandable translations of Scripture.


If you have a question about Metro that was not addressed here, please feel free to write us at:

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