REACH:local is our effort to make a difference in our own community. Metro has long been committed to partnering with local ministries and organizations that do great work in our community and region. We don’t think we need to reinvent the wheel - we think we should help keep some of the existing wheels spinning. While they do what they do best, we come alongside them and give them what they need most: PEOPLE! Volunteers from Metro give them a much needed boost.

We REACH in the name of Jesus.

We do a REACH:local project every month (sometimes a couple of times a month). Anyone can get involved. But EVERYONE IS ASKED TO SERVE outside the walls of our church at least ONCE A YEAR. You do NOT have to serve every month. Do what you can - but DO SOMETHING! Now’s the time to REACH!

REACH: local looks forward to serving with you! If you have any questions about REACH:local please e-mail Andrea Thorn at

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