At some point you realize your way hasn’t worked, and won’t work.
At some point you realize you need hope.

Every once in a while we all struggle. Some struggles run deeper than others.  And some become addictions. But God’s heart for us is to be free.  He doesn’t want us to live in the chains of bondage. It doesn’t matter if it is drugs or alcohol issues. It doesn’t matter if it is sexual struggles or anger management.

God wants you to know what it means to have hope and peace.

And God never intended us to walk the road to recovery alone. ReNEW exists to help people find freedom from a variety of life’s struggles and addictions. ReNEW is an encouraging, challenging and non-judgmental environment where you can find help for doing life.  

We believe the kind of life you dream of is only found through a real relationship with JESUS, the Son of God. ReNew wants to help you to get free through Jesus.

You don’t need a special invitation to join us at Renew.  Just show up! 


Sarting at pm.

Metro's Taylor Campus.

21080 Penn St. Taylor, MI 48180

For more info contact Michael Hochberg at 734.286.1703 or email: 

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