Her Life

Metro’s Her Life creates opportunities for women to connect with each other, connect with the community at Metro and connect to Jesus. All women are invited to experience gatherings such as our random Girls' Night Out, Women’s Studies, and even an occasional SLEEP OVER Pajama Party! 

Her Life is an active part of the Metro Community designed to reach both younger and older women and all in between. Whether single, divorced, or married there is a place for you at Her Life.  We have many ladies whose husbands aren’t a part of the Metro Community.  We just want you to know that we understand women's issues.  We are here for you and care about you and your journey with God.

Her Life events happen a few times a year and are promoted in Metro’s Weekend Programs and Social Media or you can stop by The Connection Center and see what is going on.  We’d LOVE to get to know you!  

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