Somethings are just deadly. They are like cancer to the soul. They destroy. They are like poison. And we are not talking about things that you ingest like chemicals and drugs but things that are already in you. Things like envy and jealousy. Things like a critical and negative heart. Things like pride that destroy the human relationships. 
Poisonous is our next series and we are going to tackle some of the deadliest things!  
Metro is ONE church that gathers at TWO locations. We’d love for you and your family to join us. We have incredible children’s ministries at all of our Experiences. 
Taylor Campus - 21080 Penn St. Taylor
Saturdays at 4:30/6:30p
Sundays at 9:30/11:30a

Riverview Campus - 11760 Fort St. Riverview 

Sundays at 9:30/11:30a


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