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Some things should not be forgotten.

Everybody loves a COMEBACK. We love them is sports, in the movies and in books. But every once in a while YOU NEED A COMEBACK!

We're starting a brand new series called COMEBACK because COMEBACKS can happen. With God's help you can move forward again. You can overcome. You can have a COMEBACK.
The Greatest Comeback Ever

Everyone loves a comeback! When it seemed like Rocky Balboa was down for the count we all stood and cheered as he rose again. America cheered as the Chicago cubs finally won the World Series after what seemed like 100 years, wait...It was over 100 years. So that doesn't count. But you get the picture, right?
We all love a comeback. We love it when we see a marriage on the edge of divorce come back from the brink. We love it when we see somebody strung out on drugs gets sober and finds new direction.
Easter celebrates Jesus' comeback! We celebrate Jesus beating death back. The Christian faith hinges on Jesus' comeback from the grave. And believe it or not - His comeback means a comeback for us too!
The truth is every single one of us needs a comeback in some area. Now is your time!

Somethings are just deadly. They are like cancer to the soul. They destroy. They are like poison. And we are not talking about things that you ingest like chemicals and drugs but things that are already in you. Things like envy and jealousy. Things like a critical and negative heart. Things like pride that destroy the human relationships. 
Poisonous is our next series and we are going to tackle some of the deadliest things!  
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