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Location: Metro City Church | Taylor Campus, 21080 Penn St., Taylor, MI US 48180

We try. We fight. We push as hard as we can but can’t seem to win. It’s like there is something fighting us from inside ourselves.

Alcohol. Rage. Bitterness.
Porn. Drugs. Despair.

We see others free. We see others happy and think does it have to be this way?

It doesn’t.

There is hope and freedom for you but it’s not found in you.

You’ve already proven that you can’t fix you. You can’t help yourself and you need help from the outside to fix what’s broken on the inside.
You need God– and you need others who understand your fight.

Renew is for people like you who are tired of what has been and hope for something different, who believe it can be different but realize they need help taking Next Steps in the right direction. Renew is more than a ‘recovery group’; we’re a community of fellow strugglers. Some of us are in the middle of the struggle. Some are on the other side reaching back into the mud to help others get unstuck.

Renew is a place where you can come as you are but will be encouraged and challenged to become different. It’s a place where we turn to God as our deepest hope and greatest strength. Renew is a Jesus centered community where we rely on Him to help us move forward. You don’t need a special invitation. Just come. If you don’t like what you hear, you can leave anytime. But know this:

You need somebody and we want to be that somebody.

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